Featured Articles and Lectures


"Blending Green with Lean in your Laboratory," Dark Report, Lab Quality Confab, September 2009

"Going Green Midway Through Process," R&D Magazine, Laboratory Design Fall 2008 Conference, October 2008

"Lean in Lab Design: Going from Department Boxes to Open Lab Work Flows." The Dark Report, Lab Quality Confab, September 2008

"How to Unlock Acres of Space in Your Existing Lab," The Dark Report, Executive War College, May 2008

"Robotics and Automated Lab Instrumentation: What is the Return on Investment?" Washington G-2 IOMA 25th Annual Lab Institute, October 2007

"Applying Lean Methods to the Architectural Design of CLinical Laobratory Facilities," The Dark Report, Lab Quality Confab, September 2007

"Laboratory Design and Architecture...," Clinical Laboratory Management Association, ThinkLab '06, March 2006

"Designing the Lab of the Future," Clinical Laboratory Management Association / ASCP 2004 Conference, March 2004

"Great Ideas Session - Improving Efficiency and Productivity in the Lab Environment," Pittcon, 2004